Success is most often found after multiple failures. - Kevin Schmidt


Here's what our participants are saying:

I got better from am to pm in my shooting skills. –Gunner

I improved in every area. –Brandon

I learned the components of the shot. –Jack

At this camp I learned how to place my feet during the shot. –Devin

Elbow to eye. What the back-spin does to the shot. The bigger the arc, the better. –Lily

I learned to use light fingers with your left hand while shooting with your right. –Jessica

I learned shot form, catching the ball in ready position and to shoot when you catch the ball. –Zach

I learned about spin and got it a lot faster. –Jaeden

I learned a lot! I learned how to shoot correctly. Kevin, you're a great coach! –Hope

Here's what our parents and coaches are saying:

Kevin is a exceptional trainer, teaching shooting and attack moves. His techniques helped my son and daughter score more points and developed higher percentage shooting. –Bigid Hazard - Played at U of O

I know Kevin on both a professionally and personally. Kevin is a skilled technician and a good person with family values. He is sound in his teaching methods and I would highly recommend him as a trainer or a coach. –John Townsend (NBA Shooting Coach)

I have been able to attend a few of the sessions this week and have really enjoyed watching everyone having fun and learning. Your staff seems to really enjoy working with all the players, and I can tell that they seem interested in making sure each of them understand what they are trying to learn –Brian McClary

I finally have time to write the kind of "thank-you" you deserve for the marvelous learning experience you provided for my son, Evan, and me last summer in Seaside. You are a master teacher in all respects-your capacity to establish rapport so quickly combined with the tight organization, excellent use of time, cutting edge pedagogy and infectious enthusiasm was inspirational. Thanks so much for allowing me to observe so closely. –Alan Dodd PHD