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Scholarship Information

  1. Go to the NCAA website and register with the clearinghouse
  2. Make a list of colleges you are willing to go to and qualify for
    1. Check for your degree area
    2. Note how long the coach has been there
    3. Fill out the recruitment page
    4. Communicate with the coach
  3. Research your school and coach
    1. Coaches with high turnover -not good
    2. Look to see if the team is trending up or down
    3. Ask the future coach question?
      1. What positions are you interested in?
      2. Do you have scholarships available?
      3. How do you see me fitting in with your team if they are interested?
      4. When do you plan on making your decision
  4. Prepare yourself with training and play in events
  5. Have your video ready to send to a coach
  6. Make sure you have taken your college test (ACT & SAT)

Remember —The best way to stay in physical shape is to never get out of shape

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