I will take a hard working athlete over a gifted athlete
who doesn't work because the end results are better.
- Kevin Schmidt


In the Academy you will work on the following skills:

  • Ball Handling (single ball, two ball, attack and agility control)
  • Shooting using individual, partner and group timed events
  • Catch and shoot mechanics
  • Mechanically correct dribble pickup
  • Jump shooting and increasing shooting range
  • Footwork, ball position and mechanics for Interior moves
  • Footwork, ball position for counter moves
  • Footwork, ball position and mechanics for perimeter attack moves
  • Footwork, body posture and body mechanics for individual & team defense
  • Passing methods for different passing situations
  • Speed Agility Quickness (S.A.Q. training)

Pedal to the Metal

This program will give your athlete the opportunity to reach their untapped potential through proper repetition of skills and through the development of new skills. Participating in this program and receiving a high level training will put the competition in the rear view mirror.

Shooting - We use a 21 point analysis to construct a highly proficient quick shot. We will address catch and shoot body position, dribble pick up, which will have a high result in a shooters success. Documentation and proficiency comparison is the only way to know where you are as a shooter and this program has several timed drills that will give the shooter feed back on their personal rating and improvement. The average high school athlete has 3-5 corrections in their shot and the middle school athlete has twice that number. Come learn from coaches who have trained some of the best shooters in our state.

Ball Handling - We use several methods of teaching ball control. Stationary ball handling using a variety of movement patterns will increase the athlete's ball awareness and motor memory. Dynamic ball handling will teach bilateral ability to attack the defender and get to the hoop from both sides of the court. The agility ball control system is the most comprehensive way to teach change of direction ball control with a low attack position and a low pick-up hand. Lastly teaching ways to control the defender with equalized contact is crucial to becoming a dominant player.

Attack Moves - Moves are taught with footwork, efficient dribble pick-up, ball positioning through the move and how to protect your finish. Footwork is taught which will make you quick and more efficient, which will result in high percentage shooting and more free throws. Move will be taught from the perimeter, interior and floaters and step back as well as counter moves will be taught which will make you a playmaker and scorer.

Defense - If you are not playing offense you are playing defense. We will address body position from your toes to you nose. Proper on the balls of your feet will be addressed. We will teach how to lead a player and how to turn a player and take advantage of the two-step shooter and those who pick the ball up incorrectly. Active hands will be addressed and reinforced. Becoming a more active defender will take points off the board from the other team and give your team more opportunity to score through creating turnovers, blocked shots, charges taken and increase possessions.